Options on Futures.

An option is an option. But only options on futures offer nearly 24-hour access and diversification simply by transferring strategies into new markets. Trade options on oil, gold and corn as easily as you do on the S&P 500 Index. Same options strategies, more hours and markets to trade. All with the greater capital efficiency of future products.

Start today by watching videos on the various ways traders use options on futures to their advantage.


Track where positions are concentrated, the latest open interest, and changes in the markets with the Open Interest Heatmap Tool.
Based on expiration's most recent settlement information, this report displays various volume and open interest values (by strike) plotted on top of the current distribution for the most recent settlement volatility and days to expiration.
See what is hot now by viewing volume, open interest, and open interest change activity on the most active strikes, by calls, puts.
This tool provides statistics about the option and compares it to the prior week (such as volatility, risk reversal prices, open interest, put/call ratios, and more).


Trading equity stock options or etf options? Consider options on futures. Get a quick view of the options contract specifications on some of our most liquid option markets.

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